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Our manuscript got accepted to Signal Processing.


Two papers got accepted to ISBI'11.


Two papers got accepted to ICASSP'11.


Our submission to DIADEM challenge was  advanced to the final round


intern @ GE GRC in Niskayuna, NY


New website is launched


Hello! I am a PhD candidate and research assistant in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Northeastern University. I am a member of the Prof. Erdogmus's Cognitive Systems Laboratory (CSL). My primary research interests include adaptive and statistical signal processing and pattern recognition mainly in image processing applications.

Currently, I am focused on processing and analysis of 3D biomedical images in various imagery techniques, i.e. MRI, DTI, confocal images. Image segmentation, registration, tracking, and connectivity analysis of objects are some of my interests. In my first year in PhD, I worked on analysis and processing of MRI under the supervision of Prof. Jerzy Szumowski. Also, I have participated in computer vision related projects, i.e. video-image based object detection, tracking applications such as surveillance systems, during my MSc and Phd. You can reach my CV from here. In addition, I supervised 2 MSc students (Burkay Dorter: 'Principal Curve Approach to Post-nonlinear Blind Source Separation with Sparse Sources' and Kartik Pasupathy: 'Tracing Axons and Neural Dendritic Trees in Confocal Microscopy Image Stacks'). I was a teaching/research assistant in Koc University where I got my MSc. I worked with Prof. Murat Tekalp as a member of MVGL laboratory.

You can find my current and previous research projects in the research section.


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